A card game by A.M. Darke

“I like that [Objectif] is not only polemical, but personal and expressionistic. Basically it’s a good piece of art, which is exciting to see in a game.”Eddo Stern, Artist/Game Designer

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Objectif is a party game for attractive people (that’s you!) by attractive people (that’s us!), about attractive people (you’ll see!) – but it’s so much more than that.

Objectif is a game for everyone, showcasing an inclusive cast of beautiful, hand-drawn characters across a spectrum of gender, culture, race, and ethnicity. We want to represent folks that look like you, or your friends, or at least, really good looking strangers.

 Who would you choose?

Objectif is all about choice and persuasion. Who do you think is most attractive, sophisticated, loyal, or trustworthy? What about your friends, what do they think? Can you guess? Better, yet, can you convince them to see things your way?

Win the game by making a case for the perfect face.

For inquiries, please contact aliah@objectifgame.com

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